Getting to know Luna Nectar

Today I got the opportunity to talk to Mia Fiona Kat, who is the owner of Luna Nectar, which is a vegan and organic lash serum. Luna nectar helps your lashes to grow, and be healthier. It can also be used with false eye lashes to give your eyes a more dramatic effect. Mia and... Continue Reading →


7 Great Websites For Amateur Filmmakers

Just starting out, this is so helpful!

16mm "S.O.S" Video Shoot | @ the Overlynn Mansion

If you’re no stranger to the internet, then you’ve probably heard of these websites before, but they are such great tools for improving your amateur film that I just wanted to share them. What they have in common is that they are all places where you can find Creative Commons-licensed material, or free use material.

If you know of any other great sites like these please let me know in the comment section.


A great site for finding music for your project. Not all of it can be used, but quite  alot of it is licensed in a way that lets you put it in your film. On every album there is a “your rights on this album”-section on the right side of the page.

A much smaller site than Jamendo, but I had to include it because of the quality. The site features the music of…

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Top 10 Artisan Shoes

  I have been looking around on Instagram for a while now and have seen some of the most amazing footwear I have ever seen. The best part is these are all made by ARTISANS! Plus some of these shoes have an extra awesome to them; like being made from recycled materials, or are vegan,... Continue Reading →

Artisanal Food: Eatible Luxury

What I am loving about how our society has changed, is what we are slowly starting to appreciate. I am delighted to see that the world is starting to take interest and curiosity out of the labor of what someone else created. I love to have the opportunity to enjoy artisanal food. There is something about... Continue Reading →

Small business: Start the love now!

First off, I am a strong believer in small business, I believe in brave people doing brave things by following their passion. Now I'm sure some of your are reading this and going jeez, another one of these bleeding hearts and I am also sure you have heard the cliche, small business in the backbone... Continue Reading →

Who are we and what’s going on?!

Hello everyone, I'd like to start off thanking you for making it here and seeing what is **** is going on.  I have always had this dream of making a global cummunity of small business owners and people who make money following their passion and doing what they love. I find that it is so... Continue Reading →

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