Artisanal Food: Eatible Luxury

What I am loving about how our society has changed, is what we are slowly starting to appreciate. I am delighted to see that the world is starting to take interest and curiosity out of the labor of what someone else created.

Hand making of bread 2: Knead of ecological bread

I love to have the opportunity to enjoy artisanal food. There is something about someone pouring their soul into what they create, that is just so much more of an experience. If I am sitting down, and I know for a fact that what went into creating the bread I am about to eat was genuine, and real, I enjoy that first crunch so much more.

Something else that I appreciate and is starting to be appreciated, is that a lot of the time the ingredients in what is being produced is also supporting local farms and businesses. When something has more value like this is can be enjoyed in a deeper way. So if you are eating food that not only tastes good, but someone created because they love doing it, and all the ingredients were from an excellent source, doesn’t that make it a luxury really worth investing in?

I would love for you to try even just for a week, to buy some specialty foods, you know that isle in the grocery store that has all the earth tone colors, but if you could take it a step deeper and go to the “fancy” grocery store and get that specialty bread (you know that one you can smell before you see it, that fresh bread smell) and get some local cheese, and some crafted olive oil. Make a night of it!

artisan bread our artisan breads are crafted using time honoured ...

We always get luxuries, but to get something, even if it’s small that you can consume is an exciting thing! Plus you just bought something that validated someone’s dream. I don’t know about you but I want to spend my time making others feel better, even when I spend something for me.

Market Style Spread | Meetings Imagined



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