Top 10 Artisan Shoes


I have been looking around on Instagram for a while now and have seen some of the most amazing footwear I have ever seen. The best part is these are all made by ARTISANS! Plus some of these shoes have an extra awesome to them; like being made from recycled materials, or are vegan, or have bonuses! So without further ado a few of my favorites! (I may at some point have to update or make a part 2….) All shoe companies can be found on instagram! These are not in order of my favorite

10. Chintamani Alchemistry


I personally like these boots (they sell shoes and sandals as well, I just love the boots best) They have a modern gypsy vibe that I just really get. I could just see so many girls with their ripped shorts rocking these all day!
Inspired by tribal life in many countries, which is an awesome fusion of life on earth, everything is created in limited editions, they are all vegetarian, natural, high quality and original.

Chintamani Alchemistry is also a clothing company and can be found on etsy where they sell their clothing and footwear.

9. Insecta Shoes


Insecta Shoes turns pieces of used clothes, in addition to recycled plastic bottles into; vegan boots, oxfords, sandals, and slippers, without any use of raw material of animal origin.

What’s fantastic is that since they get their used clothes from thrift stores is all the shoes can be different and unique.

Insecta Shoes really prides themselves on being made in Brazil, are ecological, are fair trade, and stand for gender equality.

8. LouLoux Shoesloulouxshoes 1.jpg

This is another Brazilian company that is blowing the socks off all the others with their unique contemporary style.

Louloux believes that sustainability comes not only from the reuse of the material but also from the quality of life of those who work in the production of footwear.
Again since these shoes are made from reused materials they tend to be limited editions.

7. MDMA Shoes


minimize damage MAXIMIZE ART▶▶▶ This is the main thing that MDMA is about. Which let’s face it, in this day and age is awesome.
MDMAshoes are eco shoes that were designed with recycled and upcycled materials that were destined to end in landfills. MDMAshoes collaborates with waste management companies to find good quality wastage. Upcycling collection uses damaged clothes found at H Sarah Trading and textile leftovers supplied by Seraical. These materials are combined with natural leather


6. Bedstu Shoes

bedstu shoes

#naturallyimperfect is their mindset, which is something everyone could use a little more of. There thinking I think is what makes these shoes so beautiful.
Bedstu uses; vegetable tanned leather, natural latex rubber, water-based glue, and dyes. Also, they use cork and recycled leather shavings in the midsole to form to your foot and give lasting comfort! They think if it everything!


5. Rutz | walk in cork

rutzwalkincork 1.jpg


With Rutz, they really support one of Portugal’s biggest exports; which is cork. So apart from them sourcing local, they also make a really cool cross of traditional and modern shoes.Cork is also naturally breathable, and waterproof apart from being eco-friendly!

Rutz recalls the “roots”, of Portuguese origins and traditions which will inspire our collections.

4. My sole Addiction

my sole addiction .jpg

There is not a lot that one can say about gorgeous style. These boots simply take your breath away.

Their whole page and website are amazing. What gets me is the imagination that goes into these shoes by My Sole Addiction.

Being a Canadian myself I had to have another Canadian company on here MSA is from downtown Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada


3. Homer Shoes

Homers Shoes.PNG

I saw this company and was instantly interested. This company is awesome because of how they have evolved with the times. It is all too often that we see a company that is traditional get left behind as the world changes. This is not one of those companies.
Homers is a Menorcan family with more than 40 years dedicated to the passion of design and manufacturing of quality shoes. Homers takes pride in their collections of urban style, lightweight, chic and flirtatious shoes.

2. Grow from Naturegrowshoes.jpg

I love this company. They mostly do bags and other things made from cork, including a few shoes. This company is strongly vegan and nature-minded.
In the early 19th century GFN saw a huge growth in sustainable products and wanted to be apart of it, so they started getting their products into production. For GFN it was extremely important to use raw material that is sustainable, renewable and most importantly doesn’t hurt any animal or tree for his production.


1. Mohop Shoes


I have come across Mohop and was so excited to see a company mixing technology and eco-friendly practices, plus the shoes are vegan! Mohop’s big thing is they are designed + crafted in Chicago by an artist, an architect, and their robots! Their shoes have ergonomically-shaped footbeds with arch support and a nicely cupped heel. Most of the styles feature a full 1/4″ of padding and ultra-soft nylon lining throughout. Their faux leather is produced in the USA

Veja Shoes and Flaneurz

veja france.jpg

Veja Shoes and Flaneurz have collaborated together to make the 100% made in France patented system “On Wheelz”. Our iconic V-10 combined to a roller skate platform

Veja has been working since 2007 with Brazilian Green Party, and has been getting their rubber from the amazon directly where it grows wild, and is less damaging. They do use leather but do their best to source it responsibly. they also get and use organic cotton.

Flaneurz specializes in turning shoes into roller skates


Thanks for your time! I will be posting next week about why you might want to start putting your passion into production, and what it takes to be an artisan!


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