Film making Noob

I’m just going to come right out and say it. I have no idea what I am doing, but I know I am going to do it!

To clarify, I have started the project Passion in Production With my full heart, and my laces tied tight, and I am honestly randomly choosing a path hoping that it all leads to the same destination. In a nutshell, I’m learning how to start filmmaking. Not just random little indie films, but films that document passionate people doing and creating what they have always wanted to do.

It all started when I was traveling down to Ecuador to visit some family, and I discoveredBye Bye Latté, Hello Guayusa: Why The Amazon Holds the Secret to a ... that there was a tea plantation (It was actually a guayusa plantation) there. I got the
crazy idea of, “How awesome would it be to go in there, film how they are making tea, and talk to the owner of why they do what they do!?”
So I started down south with my head full of dreams and hopes. Long story short I only gave myself 2 weeks, then life happened and the film never got to happen. I left for home knowing even though I didn’t get the chance to film, I knew I wasn’t giving up. I would somehow make it happen.

I still know in my soul that I will somehow get there and start learning filmmaking and be able to go to; farms and business, and workshops and talk with real people doing White House slaps FBI boss James Comey for 'Ferguson effect' claim ...really amazing things. For the time being, I’m going to share with you all my journey in getting there. What I am learning as I am learning it. I will be doing all the filming on a Samsung Galaxy S7.

For now, I am learning all the basics! If you feel there is something I have missed by all means feel free to suggest a learnings!

Thank you all for your support as I walk down a path I have never walked, in a direction I have never been!

Talk to you soon! Rachelle Michelle.
achelle Michelle.

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