Getting to know Luna Nectar

Today I got the opportunity to talk to Mia Fiona Kat, who is the owner of Luna Nectar, which is a vegan and organic lash serum. Luna nectar helps your lashes to grow, and be healthier. It can also be used with false eye lashes to give your eyes a more dramatic effect.

Mia and I talked about her business, how her serum is so amazing, and where she got her inspiration from. As a person, Mia was so great to get to know. She has a strong passion for life, and doing things with your whole heart. Mia was raised with a strong Chinese medicine background, and was really taught how to reach for a holistic option before going to something dramatic, like most western medicine. I personally believe we are lacking this is our modern society, and could go back to our roots.

Luna Nectar really came into creation as a solution to other eyelash serums out there that have some pretty terrifying side effects. Mia was letting me know that a lot of other serums are even known to change the color of your eyes if you have light colored eyes Mia ended up working with a chemist and together the two of them have created a truly natural serum that will give you the benefits you want without the side effects that you don’t want.

What started out as just one person who wanted to make a difference has down turned into a growing business. At only 26 Mia has been able to start something truly worth while, and something actually different. It is truly amazing how Luna Nectar has been in business for only 2 weeks and has grown so much! I hope Mia has inspired you as much as she has inspired me.

Mia is also works in the film industry in Vancouver, apart from running her own business, and has worked on a Netflix series as well as created some of her own movies.


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