Escape Movement: Behind the brand


Getting to know The Escape movement was an incredible experience that I am so glad that I got to share with you. Andrew, who is the founder of The Escape Movement, inspires you to reach for more, and remind you that there is more to you than what you do in your 9-5.

Andrew Morrison.png

Andrew started The Escape Movement by chance of fate, which eventually lead him to make a successful local clothing brand in North Bay, Ontario. One of the most exciting and unique things about the brand is its focus of breaking out of your 9-5 and focus of who you are past your day job.

Andrew himself discovered as people grew up they began to leave behind who they once were and become the “responsible person”. With this in mind, he created a brand that connects you to something bigger. The brand in a sense will remind you that there is more and that you are capable of more.

Today I got the chance to talk to Andrew, and talk about how his journey began and how he got to where he is today. We met up in his studio and I got to chance to hear about the progression of The Escape Movement.


You can find the interview below on my youtube channel, and I hope that you will be as inspired as much as I was to go out and see who you are outside your 9-5.


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